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^_^; I was actually waiting for abandonxhope to post, but oook. I shall go-ish. :3 Also, if your post isn't long, you don't have to LJ-cut. ^_~v

"Anamaria!" he said, plopping ungracefully into a seat beside her,"Fancy meetin' ye here." he took a large gulp of rum, tipping backwards in his chair, so that he was practically balancing on one chair leg as he drank. On the brink of falling, he moved himself foward, the rest of the chair legs, hitting the floor with a loud thump.

"JACK SPARROW." A rather thin, heavily made up woman stormed up to him, plopped herself onto Jack's lap, and laced her arms around his neck,"I've been lookin' EVERYWHERE for ye!" She squeezed him slightly.

"Danielle, me lass!" he gave a cheesy grin, which quickly turned into a suspicious look,"Yer not goin't slap me, are ye?"

"Why whatever fer?" she said, smiling. But then she frowned and got off his lap,"What do you mean?! Have ye done somethin' ye weren't supposed t'?! JACK SPARROW, YOU MANGEY DOG!"


The woman stormed off in a large huff, leaving a very dazed Jack behind.
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