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OOC: Don't mind the desperation of this. I just need to RP with someone. ;]And since Tortuga is the location of all other posts.. - whisks Elizabeth there. -

Perhaps I shouldn't have done this. Dashed through Elizabeth Turner's mind for the.. oh, thousandth time. Granted, before, it had been regret for leaving Will with naught but an apology letter saying she'd run off to live a life outside of propriety. Life in Port Royal, back to the predictable and humdrum, had slowly begun to drive her mad. She'd become a colder person then, and wished to find herself once more. Wished not to hurt Will in the long run. Besides, he could always look for her if she was truly missed, but going back was not an option.
Or wasn't it? She'd disguised herself as a boy, hair up in a hat almost constantly, and a white shirt that didn't automatically give away her gender, dark breeches and boots. Shillings were a common language among sailors and pirates, and any doubts they had were laid to rest for a sumptuous fee. But bringing her to Tortuga...? She was slightly worried, having heard the stories of the pirate haven that didn't paint it in a lovely picture ( and she could see why ). She weaved through the crowds, with soft "excuse mes" and "sorries", which some of the Tortugan people looked perplexed ( could be the drunken stupor ) at politeness.
A sudden worried thought crossed her mind and she stopped, looking around. Lost. Right. Damn.
"'ey, darlin'," a slurred voice called out. And right. She'd lost her hat, golden curls tumbled around her shoulders and exposing her as a female. Not many females there, except whores and bar maids. She glanced at the man calling out to her, eyes widened. "Wanna play shiver me timbers?" He laughed at a joke only he seemed to understand, though Elizabeth knew.. precisely.. what her meant. Instead of gracing that with an answer, she ducked inside The Golden Mug, as if the environment would be better ( if thats what she expected, she should be disappointed.. ) and darted through the crowd, stopping in the center and looking all for the world lost. Or atleast for a table that wasn't falling apart. "Really should've never come here..." Maybe returning to Port Royal was a good idea.
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