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Okay so I came across this community but it looks dead. But just in case someone else comes across it and it looking to rp. I'd be willing to rp on AIM. I have an original character. Her name is Pearl Sparrow. She is Jack Sparrow's daughter and is a spiting image of him.

Before I go into more detail on her story you may want to read up on Jack Sparrow at Wikipedia.
There is alot of info not mentioned in the movies. (Well the frist two at lest) I'm not sure if it will be in the 3rd. So there may be spoilers there for I shall use a lj-cut.

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Isabel noticed the grimy looking sailor that they were all shooting glances at and recognized him as one of the regulars. She'd seen him in a brawl or three before. From what she had gathered on previous occasions, the fights were all started by his smart mouth, and he, being a rather lanky creature, usually ended up sprawled on the floor afterwards.

"Don't worry 'bout him," she interjected, hoping to relieve some of their apparent discomfort at having the man looking at Elizabeth the entire time. "He's a regular. From what I've seen, even miss Elizabeth 'ere could put him in his place, more 'an likely."

It seemed that the pirate had overheard her, for he gave a discontented grunt and narrowed his eyes, clutching a mug in his right hand. Isabel looked at him and raised an eyebrow, to which he only scowled.

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She glanced over her shoulder, narrowing her eyes at the pirate with a severe breathing problem, and stepping almost instinctively closer to the two familiar pirates and the bar maid. "It's like they've never seen a woman before," she mused. It was strange, really, considering all the actual whores there they could be breathing funny at.
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He opened his mouth, and raised his pointer finger, about to speak. But then he shut it, and stared at the heaving, greasy pirate who looked like he was ready to jump Elizabeth.

"Ah...ha." was all he managed to get out.

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And as usual, when Jack Sparrow was around, things were amusing. And a familiar face was a good thing to have here indeed. She smiled as he went on talking, despite the fact he was encouraging her to return to Port Royal. "I should..." she started. "But I'm not." She bit her lip, figuring how much she could tell the Captain. "I.. I married him, but - he could come after me. I can't stay there anymore, Jack.." She took a deep breath, and when she expelled it, she was all prepared for a ramble. "It's horrible. Everything is back to the way it used to be. All the society ladies talking behind their fans, and the hangings of all the pirates, and my father disapproving of it all. It's so bloody stupid, and pointless.." Very quietly, so perhaps it couldn't be heard in this mass, "What you said about freedom made sense. You never came back for us, Jack, and Will couldn't save me this time."
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Isabel stepped back a tad to give the two obvious acquaintances more room. She listened to the man who was apparently Jack Sparrow, furrowing her brows in slight confusion and looking back towards Elizabeth. How could a lady of seemingly proper descent, from the way she acted anyway, be affiliated in any way with this...this pirate? And if he was indeed who Griffin said he was, then that made the situation even more baffling. She was intrigued, that was for sure. And so she stayed to listen.